Working with a passion.

  " As I meet new people and new customers, the skills that I obtain only progress. Whether I learn new ways to get things done better and faster or simply learning new projects to improve someone's home. The most important thing to me is making my customers happy."
- Nick Wright

          Nick Wright found NW Painting and Handyman Services in 2015, however, this was not when his passion for painting and carpentry began. Beginning at a  young age, working with his father, Nick learned how hard work and a good attitude could lead to great things. Since opening his company he has found comfort in providing exceptional customer service, fair and honest pricing, and sharing his passion for the work his company completes. Nick has set NW Painting and Handyman Services apart from his competitors with his dedication and relentless work ethic.

          Now years later, NW Painting and Handyman Service is proud to share that with our skilled and dedicated crew we are now able to take on more jobs than before. Including everything from framing to finish. 

          If you have any questions or would like to talk to us about a potential improvements to your home or business feel free to contact us by visiting the bottom of this page.

We forward to hearing from you and brining your ideas to life.

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